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The Universal Needs Process is just amazing, I feel an amazing shift.

Initially I just thought I needed someone to help me on deadlines and keeping me accountable to things, because that’s where I thought the lack was lying. But then Claire came along and highlighted a whole lot of different issues and I thought "Yes! That could be a very interesting approach to get some other things resolved that were clearly at the basis of my problem”
I was my biggest obstacle, because I’m really good at trying to do everything on my own but sometimes you just need that person who is a bit further away from you to help you figure it out, and highlight different things that are going on, because they have a different perspective.
I really felt stuck and I was getting frustrated with myself in not being able to take those necessary steps to move forward. I felt a connection with you, it felt right, and the things you were saying made so much sense to me
I think the process of working with Claire is great. She always makes me feel really comfortable, you always check in at the start of the conversations, what I really loved is how you’ve put together the presentations…there is a lot of thought and care that has gone into them and it is always very clear and easy to follow. And the other thing I really appreciate is how open you are about your own experiences because that makes it very personal and it makes it very easy to relate to certain things. When you go through the needs process and how you compare it to a tree which makes it very visual, which helps people to memorise things more easily it sticks better. But it’s also, some of the needs are not always as easy to understand how they manifest or how you can meet them, so I really appreciate all the personal details you put in it and the openness you have on sharing your own stories because that’s what makes it fun and nice and personal and it shows your vulnerability which makes it easy for me to be vulnerable as well.
I liked the beliefs process, the getting rid of limiting beliefs, being reminded of that and cutting it off at the root that helped. And at the end of it where you put your needs practice in place, every day, I don’t know how you did it, but I’m still doing it after 2 months I have not skipped a day! And I cannot recall another habit which I have stuck with for two months straight so it’s really working, it’s giving me more peace of mind, more focus, more freedom, more self-confidence in the fact that I can take care of my own needs and I’m not dependent on anyone else. Yes, I’ve cried during sessions, and at the same time in others we laughed and had fun and had those a-ha moments where I realised ‘oh THAT’s where it’s coming from!’ Definitely those things have helped me with moving forward.
I definitely have a clearer understanding of what my needs are and how I can meet them in a much better way. And because of that practice, and because of that awareness of my needs and how I can meet them it just freed up space and it allows me to concentrate on other areas where I needed to. And I now have the confidence in myself to take that action and it’s OK if it doesn’t go the way I planned it to go. So I’ve got a lot more peace of mind now than I had six months ago. So I can focus on the things I want to focus on now which I had trouble with before.
The biggest benefits for me have been my peace of mind, more confidence, and I love that I’ve managed to get this habit going, which means I can do it in other areas as well.
I definitely would recommend working with Claire, you’ll discover things about yourself that you might not know, you’ll also discover thing about society and the way society pushes us to think and feel in a certain way, so you’ll become ware of that, and you’ll be able to break that habit and create a new one, you’ll definitely grow, you’ll get to know yourself better and you’ll be better armed for the future to deal with whatever comes your way in a better way.
If there is any doubt whether this is for you just do the discovery call, it’s a little bit of your time and a small amount of money, and you might learn something about yourself that you didn’t know, and if it’s a good fit, great, go for it, and if not you’ve not lost anything. There is no reason not to do the call. Just give it a try…