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How can The Universal Needs help you?



When we learn how to meet our own needs fully, we have more internal resources to cope with the inevitable challenges of life, we have the resilience to be able to recover more quickly when times get tough, we have the capacity to begin creating the systemic change needed in our world....and are able to create more pleasure and experience more joy in our daily lives.



Need always trumps love, and unmet needs are the source of the vast majority of relationship problems. By learning how to fulfil our own needs we can come to our relationships fully resourced and full of love, passion and desire to connect, share and experience the richness of life with the ones we love.

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By meeting our own needs, we tap into an energy source which helps us to become more productive and effective at everything we do. When we apply these techniques in the workplace, we are able to create teams that are more resourced and work better together, to serve clients at a deeper level and to achieve more without burning out.


Our Services

We offer a range of services at The Universal Needs, see below for how we can support you best.

Private Services

We offer deeply transformative programs, packages and mentoring for private individuals:
  • One-to-one bespoke mentoring: For those who are able, we always recommend our bespoke one-to-one mentoring as your best first step. In these mentoring packages not only do you get guided through our signature program step-by-step, but you also get tailored mentoring helping you to put a Needs Lens on your biggest problems and challenges to help you understand them, and how to navigate through them, in a way you have never experienced before and supporting you to apply The Universal Needs work to your own life, experience and situations which will help you integrate it quicker, deeper and more fully into your day-to-day life. Clients who have gone through this mentoring consistently share that it is the most profound, supportive and transformational support they have ever received.
    • In-person: For our higher-end clients, we offer in-person intensives where you can dive into The Universal Needs work in-person with the creator of The Universal Needs work. For these packages clients are responsible for the travel and expenses of the mentor.
    • Online: The majority of clients select to do their bespoke package online from the comfort of their own home or space that feels supportive to them. Sessions are done via Zoom, and can be recorded and provided after for reference via a secure dropbox folder .
  • Group programs: We also offer group programs for those who would like a less deep dive into The Universal Needs signature program, and would also like the support of doing the work with an online community.
    • Live: Our signature program usually takes place over 4 months via Zoom. Click here to be added to the waiting list for our next group program.
    • Home Study: We will soon be launching our home study version of The Universal Needs program which will be offered with a sliding scale investment so that no matter what your current financial resources you will be able to get support via The Universal Needs.
  • Retreats: We also offer limited space group retreats and private one-to-one or couples retreats for you to get away from life for a bit and learn about how to support yourself better, improve your self care and ensure you stay resourced, supported and fulfilled going forward. Click here to ask to be added to our list to receive notification about our next retreat as soon as it is available.
  • Seminars/Workshops: We also offer one-off Needs-Based seminars and workshops as an introduction to how The Universal Needs can transform your life. We provide trainings in a range of areas including boundaries, creating life balance, support with work issues, intimate relationships, parenting, anxiety, life purpose, emotions, navigating conflict, shifting bad habits and forming new supportive ones, building your physical, mental and emotional capacity and many more. Click here to ask to be added to our list to receive notification about our next seminar/workshop as soon as it is available.

Please click here to contact us to find out more about our private packages

Corporate, Business and Organizational Services

When working with our corporate clients we offer support at five different levels to create a Destination Workplace, one which employees WANT to work for and with, and one that supports The Universal Needs of the organization, the employees, customers and all stakeholders.
  1. Culture Consulting: An organization needs to be consciously and intentionally creating a culture which prioritizes the balancing of both the employees' and the organization's needs. The history of corporate culture is one in which employees needs were consistently ignored, de-prioritized or sacrificed, especially with fear-based management styles and the view that these industry-standard approaches actually supported or improved the bottom line. Unfortunately most organizations don't even realize they have cultures that reflect this historic pattern, and so they don't realize the need to change it. While it is rarely the intention of a business to create an unsupportive culture,  it is the case in the vast majority of companies, unless conscious effort it directed towards creating something genuinely different. As such, it is important for time, focus and business resources be dedicated to not only creating, but sustaining and continuing to develop a culture which is not only better for your employees, but for your business results as well.
  2. Leadership - Executive Coaching, Consulting and Training:  Your leaders need to know what their own Universal Needs are, and be consistently meeting them in order that they are able to genuinely lead according to what is best for the team and organization, not making decisions that are subconsciously influenced by their own unmet needs. They also need to be aware of the needs of their employees, their customers and other stakeholders, as well as those of the business, in order to  make top-down decisions that both support them AND do not compromise them. By knowing the needs of their employees well, they can look for and create the above-and-beyond opportunities that develop a working culture and environment which creates a Destination Workplace. Any corporate package we provide needs to include this level of training and coaching as it is vital to have leadership understanding, buy-in and support in order to make any of the other package elements successful and sustainable.
  3. Management Training:  Managers need to be trained in how to perform their role and support their teams (and the individuals in them) in ways that ensure their management style does not inadvertently or unintentionally compromise their staff's needs. Without realizing it, unsupportive managerial styles are all too common and to create a Destination Workplace it is critical to change this management approach. At this level, training is provided to support managers in approaching the key aspects of their role (such as communication, motivation, acknowledgement, feedback, conflict resolution, training etc.) in ways that support and do not compromise both their own needs and the needs of their direct reports.
  4. Line Level Support Programs:  At the line level, organizations need to put initiatives in place to help support the wellbeing of the line workers in the organization in meeting their own needs within the context of the working environment and their day-to-day role. These initiatives could take the form of daily, weekly or monthly reminders, support initiatives or regular workshops and mini events that help employees learn how to better take care of themselves and their needs within the workspace, while still fulfilling their role and contributing to the needs of the organization.
  5. Business, Management, and HR Consulting:  In most organizations there are challenges and issues that are holding them back, conflicts that are getting in the way of their progress and areas of improvement that they have not been able to take action on. By putting a Needs Lens on these different areas, organizational problems are easier to address and more effectively approached, conflict can be navigated with ease and areas of improvement can be implemented in sustainable ways.  Our Needs-based consulting can be applied to address issues, resolve conflict and improve business effectiveness in the following key areas of business, among many others: Leadership, Management, Customer Service, Corporate Culture, Human Resources, Talent Acquisition and Retention, Staff Support, Employee Engagement, Productivity, Business Strategy, Business Organization (e.g. moving from a hierarchal to a wholearchal structure), Advertising, Marketing and Brand Development (i.e. using a client needs-based model to developed and improve advertising, marketing and brand communications), Corporate Growth Strategies, Change Support, Acquisition and Merger Support, Needs-based Business Analysis and Personnel Support. As our consulting is needs-based, it can be applied across a wide and diverse range of industries as, while the implementation may vary, the core needs-based issues, strategies and solutions are universal as they address the root cause of the situation rather than focusing on the industry-specific symptoms. Once the root causes have been addressed, we can then work with you to develop a bespoke strategy to support the industry-specific needs of your organization.

Further Corporate, Business and Organizational Trainings and Retreats

In addition to the above, we also offer the following corporate services as an introduction to how The Universal Needs can transform your working environment and experience, or to complement our comprehensive packages above.
  • Industry trainings: We offer a range of industry trainings specific to how The Universal Needs can be applied within specific industry contexts. Included in these are hospitality trainings (e.g. how to ensure your hospitality business supports the needs of all stakeholders while creating an exceptional customer experience), HR trainings (e.g. how to create exceptional employee engagement for your clients) and customer service trainings (e.g. how to create an exceptional customer experience through The Universal Needs).
  • Specialized one-off trainings: We create bespoke, tailored trainings to create a Needs-based approach to any aspect of your business experience.
  • Board/corporate retreats: We also provide board retreats to help your board to get clarity, focus and make progress by stepping out of the day-to-day working environment and creating a Needs-based retreat to ensure that board decisions are going to be supportive at all levels of the organization and to all stakeholders. Likewise we offer corporate retreats to support with training, Needs-based support and team building at the team, department, office or company-wide level. We also offer retreats specific for organizations that are in the process of curating their board, mission, values, etc. to ensure that they are building a solid foundation and creating a wholearchal approach which will support the organization, those they service and its members. 

Contact us here to let us know your requirements and to start planning your next board retreat or company retreat.