What is the ‘What you need to simply thrive’ program?

Most people today have a niggling feeling deep within them. A feeling that this isn’t ‘enough,’ a feeling of emptiness, of exhaustion, the feeling that something is missing or that there must be more to life than this.

Most of us believe that if we work hard, if we can just get the next…promotion, house, car, bonus, financial milestone, relationship, vacation…we’ll finally get ‘there.’

The place we’ve been striving for. The place that feels ‘enough,’ ‘resourced,’ ‘happy,’ or ‘fulfilling.’

The problem is that what we’re seeking doesn’t exist ‘there.’

But it does exist. 

And the path to discovering it lies understanding the 12 simple needs that each and every person has, and learning how to simply, quickly and easily meet them for yourself in ways that nourish and support your being, feed your heart and fill your soul.

The Universal Needs signature program “What You Need To Simply Thrive” is a process and practice through which you can become aware of exactly what you need to feel resourced and fulfilled in your life. The program also helps you discover why you have not previously had your needs met in ways that effectively and consistently support you and fill you up, and most importantly provides you with the understanding of how to simply, quickly and easily meet these needs for yourself. This helps you empower yourself to come to everything in your life from a place of feeling more resourced, more emotionally supported, more whole, more energised & more alive.

This program is incredibly powerful for people who are struggling to create a life that meets their needs and fills them up. It has also been designed to provide answers for the person who on paper seems to have everything they’ve always thought they wanted and believed would make them happy. The person who has the career/business, money, relationship, house, car, family, lifestyle or ’success’ etc., and yet still find themselves feeling a sense of emptiness and that something is missing in their lives, with no idea what that might be.

No longer will you need to search for the something or someone who ‘completes you.’ You’ll recognise that you already have access to what you need to feel complete, whole and fulfilled, so life instead becomes about sharing the joy, love, passion, contentment and fulfilment you already feel with others.

Our clients have found that through using the program they have been able to create significant shifts for themselves in every area of life including self-confidence & self worth, relationships, business and career.

This program provides a new, innovative and powerful process to help individuals to support, develop, enhance and improve their own lives in simple, quick, easy, sustainable ways.

The benefits of this transformational process are wide and far-reaching, from creating confidence, empowerment and fulfilment for you personally, on to practical applications in learning, education and business. It can also be used powerfully in relationship transformation, healing family dynamics and parenting, as well helping with specific circumstances like stress, depression and addictive tendencies.

It is a simple process that can be implemented with ease to provide shifts that are both rapid and lasting.

We have had clients share with us that in decades of personal growth and development they have never experienced anything remotely like this that has provided the profound levels of transformation they have experienced in such simple and easy ways in a short space of time.

A program that adapts to you and meets you exactly where YOU are at

The beauty of this program is that it has been designed to meet you exactly where you are at and to take you step-by-step to where you have the capacity and desire to go. 

It was created to support you in getting the support and guidance you need for where you are right now, irrespective of where that is.

Because our needs are fundamental and foundation to EVERYTHING and EVERY aspect of our lives, it doesn’t matter where we are at or where we want to go, the first step will always be in ensuring our needs are well met in order that we have the resources, capacity and support for whatever it is that we are seeking to create more of. 

So it doesn’t matter if you’re currently:

  • Struggling and looking for help in simply coping with day-to-day life,
  • Doing OK but wishing things could be better, or
  • Doing well and looking to expand into even more joy and fulfilment,

The ‘What you need to simply thrive’ program will be able to offer support that will be relevant to you and your current situation. And will help provide you with what you need for the next step for YOU.

We have had clients go through who have been struggling to keep their heads above water when they have joined the program who have finally found the support they had been craving to feel more resourced, grounded and centered, and to feel that they have what they need to cope with life.

We have had other clients who described themselves as already living the very best life they could when they JOINED the program, who already had a consistent experience of feeling deeply fulfilled and grateful. Remarkably, these clients experienced even MORE expansion of their joy and fulfilment by going through the program. But more importantly, they shared with us how incredible it is that we had figured out how to actually teach other people how to have the kind of experience of life that they had already created. 

And we have had many other clients in between who have all shared how going through this program has radically improved their lives.

How can the program help me?

Simply select which of these sounds like it resonates with you most in order to find out how the program can help you:

I’m currently struggling to cope

There’s no shame in struggling to cope, especially with the challenging times that our world is going through right now. We’ve all struggled at some time or another, and we can all relate to the feeling of loneliness and overwhelm that can feel all consuming when we’re in that place.

If we are struggling to cope, we first need to focus on ensuring our few most basic needs are consistently met to get out of the trauma of being in constant ’survival mode’ and into a place where we’re managing OK with life.

We want to be able to meet these needs as quickly, easily and simply as possible, as when we’re in this space we are often energetically depleted and lack the time, space or capacity to do anything other than the bare minimum. 

We’re not looking to create massive, dramatic change overnight, we’re looking to create tiny, consistent manageable movement that put together over time will start to create significant shifts in the direction we want to experience more.

Through taking this low-pressure approach, it is possible to start to create shifts more quickly and easily and start to feel more grounded, secure and supported. 

I’m currently doing OK, but want things to be better

There’s nothing wrong with ‘OK,’ but there’s also nothing wrong with wanting more either. So many people today are finding themselves feeling restless with their lives. They have this niggling feeling that there’s something ‘missing,’ that there 'must be more to life than this,’ that they are craving more meaning and purpose in their lives…and their main frustration lies in not knowing what to do about it or how to ‘fix’ it.

There’s nothing ‘wrong’ per se…but they can feel the very present lack of fulfilment, and the nagging desire for more.

They are often tired and fed up of feeling unfulfilled and want to feel like they are really LIVING not just existing or going through the motions.

The challenge with most people in this position is that our culture has taught us that doing, being and having more is the answer to feeling the way we want to feel. So we tend to focus all our attention on achieving the next ‘goal’ - be it the next job, relationship, house, car, pay grade, promotion…the list goes on.

The issue with this is that the fulfilment of our needs (and therefore of ourselves) is like growing a tree. When we’re coping OK with life, we tend to have the roots of the tree taken care of, but we then skip to the branches to grow, expand and achieve more. When we do this, we skip over the trunk of the tree which not only provides what we personally need to feel internally fulfilled and taken care of (by ensuring our emotional wellbeing, a deep sense of self-worth and a connection to our personal power to create for ourselves in our own lives are well cultivated), but actually provides the nourishment and structure required to effectively grow to our full potential.

In addition to that, what most of us are craving when we are in this place is rarely to be found in more achievement and acquisition. What we tend to be craving in this place is a deep feeling of fulfilment, meaning and purpose, which are all possible to create, we just need a different approach to get there than the one we’ve been taught.

So by taking the time to focus on ‘filling in the gaps’ in our needs tree, with quick, easy and simple approaches, we cultivate and create the internal state that so many of us are seeking.

By doing this not only do we feel more grounded and centred, but we create the foundation from which growth and expansion happens naturally and with ease.

This brings with it a feeling of fulfilment that most people don’t even realise is possible in these difficult times…and from that place almost anything feels possible.

I’m doing really well, but I feel that there’s even more (I want to be experiencing the joy and fulfilment of life at its full capacity!)

It’s a very special moment when you realise that you genuinely enjoy your life. When the striving and struggling is over and you can relax and begin to really enjoy LIVING.

And when we get to this point we really do want to experience the full depth and breadth that life has to offer. We don’t want to settle. We want to THRIVE.

And if there is often a part of us that still senses there is more, a part that can taste the richness of life that is possible, but we aren’t yet sure how to bridge the gap into that deeply fulfilling experience of life.

The fulfilment of our needs (and therefore of ourselves) is like growing a tree. When we’re doing well, our tree is flourishing…we have strong, established roots, the trunk is well developed to provide the nourishment and support we need and our branches spread far and wide, sometimes reaching beyond where we previously believed possible. Sometimes we might have a couple of small gaps further down the tree that could use a little tending to, but generally speaking our tree is solid and stable.

So where does that elusive richness that we can sense exist?

For most people in this position the fulfilment and richness they are seeking can be found in the leaves and the fruit of the tree…the parts of the tree that are most luscious, delicious, sweet.

These aspects of our needs give us a deeper understanding of ourselves and of life itself and for many they provide the depth, meaning and purpose that they can taste is possible but not yet realised.

By exploring and expanding in to these aspects of our needs we create the deep, rich, fulfilling experience of life that we know is possible and that we desire to expand further into.

What is the needs tree?

What is the red-green spectrum?

What will you learn in the program?

  • How to find fulfilment in YOUR life without having to quit your job, leave your life or do your own version of Eat, Pray, Love.
  • How to meet your children’s needs better without compromising your own in the process….in fact, how to meet your children’s needs in ways that allow you to stay filled up as well.
  • The secret to learning how change the experience of the things in your life from being draining to fulfilling.
  • How to feel more energised, resourced and alive in less time…creating more time for you to do everything you want and need to do. This will enable you to feel more fulfilled without needing to add more to your ‘to do’ list.
  • The link between your needs and any bad habits, old patterns or addictive tendencies you might have (and have been struggling to change), and the formula to make shifting these behaviours much quicker and easier.
  • A quick and easy method to start enjoying the life you already have even more, without needing to DO more.
  • A complete understanding of what a need REALLY is, and what it isn’t (you might be surprised)…
  • A complete walk through of what happens when your needs are at risk of not being met, when they stop being met and when they aren’t being met for any period of time…and how to avoid this from ever happening.
  • The 6 critical keys to getting our ALL 12 of your Universal Needs CONSISTENTLY met in ways that are deeply fulfilling.
  • Why it is so essential that your emotional needs get met because of the direct link between your emotional needs and the affect on your physical body.
  • A full understanding of the Universal Needs we all have, and the 4 needs groups that will transform your understanding of what you need (and why) and help in ensuring you stay focused on your most critical needs.
  • How to cultivate emotional mastery, helping you to navigate painful experiences with more ease, and enabling you to both create and allow MORE PLEASURE in your life.
  • A simple, step-by-step process to shift any beliefs you might be unknowingly holding about your needs not being important, about other people and their needs being more important than yours, about not being worthy of getting what you want and need, and ANY OTHER beliefs that are blocking you from having the fulfilling life you deserve.
  • How to heal from the most painful experiences you’ve had to date. This technique gives you the power to heal and recover from the pain FASTER.
  • The secret to avoiding the single BIGGEST MISTAKE that most people make which results in THE MOST COMMON RELATIONSHIP ISSUE in relationships today.
  • A simple tool to quickly identify if your needs aren’t being met, and how to swiftly resolve things with minimal impact to you or the others in your life.
  • The secret of self-worthiness. And why so many people who are confident and successful in their career end up doubting their innate value, worth and what they deserve in other areas of their life.
  • How and why we often end up sacrificing SO MANY of our needs (and ourselves in the process) and how to change this behaviour for good!
  • The essential spectrum that affects the amount of time and energy you need to meet your needs, how you feel, how empowered you feel, how resourced you are and the level of fulfilment you experience.
  • How to permanently move out of the ‘never enough’ place, where you’re doing a lot of ‘stuff’, but it doesn’t feel like it’s making any difference (like trying to fill a bucket with a hole in the bottom) and into a place that feels at least satisfying, and eventually deeply fulfilling.
  • A deeper understanding of why none of us in our culture are getting all 12 of our needs effectively met…including you.
  • The difference between the ‘TV dinner’ way of meeting your needs (where you’ll be hungry again in an hour) vs the ‘whole food, home cooked, nutritionally balanced meal’ way of meeting your needs where you’ll stay fuller for longer, because it doesn’t just stop you from being hungry, it also provides the body with the nourishment it needs.
  • A simple step-by-step process and practice to take you from not having your needs effectively met to having all your needs consistently fulfilled and resourced in quick, easy and simple ways in just 5-15 minutes a day
  • How the effective meeting of your needs can positively impact EVERY area of your life including how resourced you feel on a day-to-day basis, your business and your relationships
  • How it feels like when you’re completely free to live the way you’re meant to live.

What do people say about the program?

There have been recurring themes in my life that I haven’t been able to address, that have kept resurfacing and I was looking for a way to tackle them on a more permanent basis.

Going through The Universal Needs Process is like peeling an onion. You get through one layer, to the next, to the next, until you get to the heart and the root cause. It’s only when you get to the root cause that you can fix all the other layers. This program gives you the understanding, coping skills and tools to get to the root of what’s going on, and to be able to address it in a healthy way.

By going through the program I learned to be more forgiving of myself. I used to beat myself up so much, and by going through the process I realised that I’m not perfect (which is an illusion anyways) and that it’s OK. That element of being nicer to me, more forgiving and kinder was the biggest gift that came out of the program for me.

The experience was enlightening. This is a positive way to introspect and think about where we are and how we live, I really enjoyed the process and would highly recommend it.

Claire, I think you’re awesome. I love the passion you have, how it comes through and how you interact with the people on the program. I really enjoyed working with you!

Alexandra, Shanghai, China

The Universal Needs Process is just amazing, I feel an amazing shift. 

Having the practice as a base as you go through your day, knowing that it’s there makes such a difference.  

Especially being at work and being in situations that are challenging, the process has acted like a little guidepost along the way, it’s so empowering. 

Thank you so much Claire!”

Aisha, London, UK

I have been working with The Universal Needs practice for a few months now and am delighted with the results that I am getting. When I first started the course I was in a vulnerable emotional space and was not feeling that strong or aligned in myself.

By focusing on recognising what my own needs are and by finding ways to consistently meet those by myself and for myself each day has provided me with an inner calm and strength that I haven’t felt for some years, perhaps even ever. I feel more in control of my emotions, myself and my choices in life. I am less affected by the ups and downs of everyday life (and other people’s wants and needs) and I find it easier to state my needs clearly to others without any emotional intensity, just as a statement. This has made it a lot easier to discuss difficult topics and stay aligned with myself and my decisions.

I would highly recommend this course to anyone who is feeling a bit ‘wobbly’ in their life or for anyone who knows that they aren’t as happy and fulfilled, or emotionally stable as they’d like to be. If you’re ready to take a few short months to learn a new way to support yourself then this interesting and interactive course is for you.

Once the course is completed it’s literally a 10-minute activity each day and is worth every minute for the impact it’s having.

Claire, thank you for putting the course together and sharing it with the world. I hope that everyone who has the slightest sense of being drawn to exploring this work just jumps on board and gives themselves this gift.

Trust me, in my opinion, it’s well worth the investment.

Sue, Coach & Trainer, Stratford-Upon-Avon, UK

How do I do working with Claire justice? She provides such a safe, non-judgemental space. I find her guidance to be beautiful, I find it very tailor-made and I feel that she connects with her clients in a way that other coaches don’t.

There have been many ah-ha moments with Claire…so many that I have my own name for when she comes out with her amazing realisations! She has a gift for saying exactly the right thing at the right time.

What Claire does is really REALLY simple, but super powerful, as is how she does it.

We’re busy enough and we’re complicated enough, so you just want things to be simple and she provides really practical guidance that you can take to every part of your life.

I feel like I’ve stepped back into my power. I still have to remind myself to take time for myself but through working with Claire I’m more mindful of that now. I’ve put aside the guilt and all the other usual stuff that we’re conditioned with…that’s all falling away.

I’ve learned that there is a different way – it IS possible to have it all, it’s just a question of how you see it and how you deal with it and how you handle things.

Marie, London, UK

The What You Need To Simply Thrive Program Overview

Overview of the program

The What You Need To Simply Thrive program is a simple, 5 part process to guide you from where you are currently from where you want to be:

Part One – Introduction To Your Needs & Removing The Barriers To Getting Your Needs Met

The first step in the process is an introduction to your needs and removing any subconscious beliefs you might have that could be acting as a barrier to getting your needs met.

As we go through life, we tend to pick up ideas about our needs…maybe from our family when we were children, from school, work or from society as a whole.

Sometimes these are things that we’ve been explicitly taught, other times we just ‘get the message’ by how other people are around us.

Things like ‘doing anything for yourself is selfish,’ ‘your needs aren’t as important as other people’s needs,’ ‘your needs don’t matter,’ ‘it’s better to give than to receive,’ ‘you don’t deserve to get your needs met,’ ‘I shouldn’t put my needs before the needs of others.’ ‘I don’t have time to look after myself and my needs’…the list goes on.

These beliefs tend to sit in our subconscious and affect the choices we make about our needs.

So by removing these beliefs we’ll help you to get rid of anything inside of you that is blocking you from getting your needs met so you’ll spend less of your precious energy battling through the beliefs that are working against you in getting your needs met.

Combine that with learning the specifics of what your needs actually are (something we’re never taught) which will help you to focus your efforts on the areas that will really make a difference to your needs feeling fully met because you will really KNOW WHAT YOU NEED.

All of this will lead to you being able to get all your needs met with MUCH less effort.

Part Two – How You Are Currently Meeting Your Needs (Or Not)

In the second step in the process I help you to figure out all of the ways that you’ve been meeting your needs to date (or not as the case may be), which will help you understand what your habits and patterns have been around your needs.

This will mean that you will be able to change any habits or patterns that really aren’t working that well for you so that you can create new habits and patterns that will have you feeling MORE energised.

Part Three – How To Guarantee That The WAY You Meet Your Needs Actually Fills You Up

In the third step in the process I help you to understand how there are some ways of meeting our needs which actually drain us and some which really boost us.

Unfortunately, our culture teaches us to meet our needs in the ways that are draining, ineffective and time-consuming, so most people are using these approaches to try and get their needs met.

Understanding this, and more importantly what ways of meeting our needs will really nourish and fulfil us will mean that you will be able to find ways of meeting your needs that are MUCH more effective, so that you’ll be able to feel happier and more resourced much quicker.

Part Four – Setting Yourself Up To Make Meeting Your Needs In A Fulfilling Way Easy And Effortless

In the fourth step we set you up to make meeting your needs in really fulfilling ways easy and effortless.

Meeting your needs doesn’t need to take a lot of time, effort and energy. In fact, often the best ways of meeting your needs are the ones that are quick and easy.

In this part of the process we help you to figure out the simple ways of meeting your needs that really work for YOU.

This means it will take much less time to both figure out which ways you want to meet your needs, and to actually meet them, creating MORE time for YOU in your life.

Part Five – Creating The Practice That Will Ensure Your Needs Are Consistently Met In A Deeply Fulfilling Way

The fifth step is to create a quick and easy practice to ensure that all of your needs get CONSISTENTLY met.

Without understanding our needs and how to meet them people often go through a rollercoaster in day-to-day life.

Without knowing the specifics of why, one day they’re flying high (because their needs are momentarily being well met), the next they drop into exhaustion and frustration (because their needs have unknowingly been neglected).

So this final step is about bringing together everything we’ve learned so far and then using a simple technique to help you ensure that your needs stay CONSISTENTLY met in way that are really fulfilling to YOU in just 5-15 minutes a day.

This will mean that you’ll be able to quickly and easily MAINTAIN the state of feeling happier, resourced and having the energy to CONSISTENTLY enjoy your life.

This is the simple 5-step process which took me over 10 years of research, experience, and practice to develop.

Which level is right for me?

You can choose to go through the program at one of three levels:

Level 1 - Entry Level

  • Foundational content
  • Roots of your needs tree, your survival needs (needs 1-3)
  • The starting point for anyone wanting to learn about their needs and how to meet them
  • Suitable for the following:
    • People who are curious about The Universal Needs and want to learn more
    • OR people who only have the capacity to do a 'lighter' version of the program at this time
    • OR people who prefer to get the foundations really solid before building up their understanding layer by layer
    • OR people who prefer gradual learning in bite-size chunks
    • OR people with no or minimal personal development experience (e.g. people who have maybe read books/audios/videos, but have not yet really engaged in working on their own 'baggage')

Level 2 - Intermediate Level

  • Core content
  • Roots and trunk of your needs tree
  • Your survival and intrinsic needs at a core level (needs 1-7)
  • More involved concepts and multiple layers
  • Will include all level one content (to ensure understanding of language, concepts and models used in this process)
  • Suitable for the following:
    • People who not only want, but are able to process multiple new concepts simultaneously
    • People who want to dive a little deeper than the foundation, but may not be in a position to process multiple layers within the concepts (level three)
    • People who have been engaged in personal development for some years, with multiple teachers, who have done a significant amount on their own 'baggage'

Level 3 - Advanced Level

  • Deeper content
  • Roots and trunk of your needs tree
  • Your survival and intrinsic needs at a deeper level (needs 1-7)
  • Several deep concepts and many different layers
  • Will include all level one and level two content (to ensure understanding of language, concepts and models used in this process)
  • Suitable for the following:
    • People who have the desire, have done the preparation and have the capacity to enable a deep-dive into this process at a fast pace
    • People who want a deep dive into the variety of different concepts around the needs process including integrating many different layers and paradigms
    • People for whom personal development is a way of life, not an activity. Those who have been on a journey of self exploration for many years, with multiple influences, who have explored their own challenges and deeply worked on their own 'baggage' and have an informed understanding of where they are at in their evolutionary journey
    • OR established teachers and trainers in the personal development who have done a lot of their own personal 'work' already

What is the investment?

2020 prices will be announced next year. To get an extra 5% discount on the program when our doors open next, please join our waiting list:

For the first 5 people to sign up when the doors open, there will also be a BONUS 60-minute one-to-one session with Claire Brummell, creator of The Universal needs – value £397

What is the format of the program?

  • What you need to simply thrive is now two separate programs:
    • Program 1 is the only program available at the moment.
    • In this program, we focus on the first two groups of needs, the survival and intrinsic needs (the roots and trunk of the needs tree).
      • We previously delivered content on all 12 needs in one go and the feedback from the testing was that it would be better split into two different programs in order to better absorb and integrate the new learnings.
    • So:
      • Program 1 covers the Roots and Trunk of our needs tree (survival and intrinsic needs) – Needs 1-7. This program is available now.
      • Program 2 will cover the Branches and Leaves & Fruit of our needs tree (expansive and enriching needs) – Needs 8-12. This program is not yet available.
      • Program 1 is a pre-requisite for program 2 when it becomes available.
  • Program 1 is 10 modules over 9 weeks.
  • Starts Monday, October 14th
  • Community is worldwide so to accommodate time zones:
    • Sessions will take place at 8pm EST
    • Accessible for USA, Japan, Australia
    • UK participants will be able to do the sessions via video
    • And there will be a live Q&A call for the UK Thursday evenings 8pm local time for each part of the program (5 in total)
  • Recordings of all sessions will be provided if you cannot attend live.
  • There is a one-week break midway through the program for integration and to provide time for any ‘catch up’ necessary.
  • Program levels
    • The levels of the programs relate to the DEPTH at which you wish to go through the program.
    • For more detailed information see the ‘which level is right for me,’ further up on this page.
    • Level 1:
      • For people who are newer to personal growth and development, or don’t have the capacity, time or finances to focus on more than three needs or to go deeper with the content yet.
      • Includes one 20-30 minute (approximately) session a week, except week 1 – more information on this below.
      • Level 1 only includes the roots of the needs tree, your survival needs (needs 1-3).
      • Level 1 also includes one aspect of the red-green spectrum (which determines how effective, empowering and fulfilling the ways you choose to meet your needs are).
    • Level 2:
      • For people who would like to look at all 7 needs in program 1, and have the capacity to go a little deeper with the content.
      • Includes one 40-60 minute (approximately) session a week, except week 1 – more information on this below.
      • Level 2 includes the roots and trunk of the needs tree, your survival and intrinsic needs (needs 1-7) at the core level.
      • Level 2 also includes two aspects of the red-green spectrum (which determines how effective, empowering and fulfilling the ways you choose to meet your needs are).
    • Level 3:
      • For people who would like to look at all 7 needs in program 1 and have the capacity and desire to go much deeper with the content.
      • Includes one 80-90 minute (approximately) session a week, except week 1 – more information on this below.
      • Level 3 includes the roots and trunk of the needs tree, your survival and intrinsic needs (needs 1-7) at the deeper level.
      • Level 1 also includes three aspects of the red-green spectrum (which determines how effective, empowering and fulfilling the ways you choose to meet your needs are).
    • There may be some variation in these times week-to-week depending on the content.
    • The call builds each week, so the first half-hour of the call is for all levels, the second half-hour of the call is only for level 2 and 3 people, and the final half-hour of the call is only for level 3 people. So with each level, we build an extra layer of content onto what has already been learned.
  • The exception to the above is week 1
    • Week one includes three calls as a single group (not split into levels).
    • In this week we cover the beliefs piece of the program in order to then dive into the needs work on week 2.
  • A BONUS 45-minute ‘deeper dive’ interactive session to allow you to ask questions and get support.
  • 7 exercises to do between sessions.
  • Printable PDF workbooks for each session
  • Additional value-add sessions/videos and resource PDFs where helpful to supplement content.
  • Optional upgrades to go deeper with the content if you feel you wish to.
  • Questionnaire & assessment at the beginning.
  • Assessment at the end for you to see your progress.

Before I began working with Claire, I was my biggest obstacle, because I’m really good at trying to do everything on my own, but sometimes you just need that a person to help you figure it out.
Claire always makes me feel really comfortable and I really appreciate how open she is about her own experiences because that makes it very personal. Her openness in sharing her own stories shows her vulnerability, which makes it easy for me to be vulnerable as well. I’ve cried during sessions and in others we laughed, had fun and had those a-ha moments where I realised ‘oh THAT’s where it’s coming from!’
And I don’t know how she did it, but I’m still doing the needs practice after 2 months I have not skipped a day! I cannot recall another habit which I have stuck with for two months straight, so it’s really working!
It’s giving me more peace of mind, more focus, more freedom and more self-confidence.
When working with Claire, you discover things about yourself that you might not have known, you also discover things about the way society pushes us to think and feel a certain way, so you become able to break that habit and create a new one. You definitely grow, you get to know yourself better and you’re better prepared for the future to deal with whatever comes your way!

Lisette, Lugano, Switzerland